Torrents for Fedora can be found at

I have dropped support for the original python-based official BitTorrent code from Fedora 19 onwards. It's long-dead upstream as an open-source package and I no longer have any interest in it or its dependencies personally. As such, everything in this area will not be maintained for Fedora 19, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 onwards, and will gradually disappear as I discontinue support for older OS releases.

The BitTorrent 4.4.0 package here is closely based on the current Fedora package, with additional tweaks for backwards compatibility with older distributions. The GUI subpackage requires pygtk2 version 2.6.0 or later and hence is only available for Fedora Core 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, and later distribution releases. Users of older distributions are suggested to use the bittorrent-curses client instead.

The BitTorrent 5.x package here is available only for Fedora Core 4 onwards since it requires python 2.4 or later. New dependencies in this version include wxPython 2.6 for the GUI (this is available in Fedora Extras prior to Fedora 7, and here in the form of a compat-wxPython26 package for Fedora 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 onwards), python-twisted-core, and python-twisted-web for the base package, which for the time being will be available in the Twisted directory, though the packages are also now available in Fedora Extras for Fedora Core 6 and later releases.. The GUI packages are only available for Fedora Core 4 or later because of the wxPython dependencies.

GTorrentViewer and torrentsniff appear to be unmaintained packages but are provided here whilst people find them useful.

If you have any queries or problems with these RPMs, please raise a ticket on the bug tracker or contact the packager, Paul Howarth <> directly.